Successful ngEO CDR V2

From June 4th to 5th 2014 the successful ngEO CDR V2 meeting took place in Toulouse. CDR stands for Critical Design Review and is meant to finalize the software design. I participated representing the so-called Browse Server for which EOX is responsible and prepared an online presentation to review and finalize its design. Feel free to contact me in case of any questions.


The FOSSGIS 2014, the German speaking OSGeo conference, took place this week from March 19th to 21st. It was a great conference with lots of interesting talks, chats, ideas, etc. I’ll have to digest once back home. I took the occasion to finally sign EOX up as an official member of the FOSSGIS e.V. Thanks for the warm welcome although I didn’t expect the annual meeting to last over three hours. At least the beer supply didn’t stop and the wireless was good enough to watch football 😉


On the last day in the morning I had the opportunity to present some highlights of our work. In my selected talk titled “Maps for ESA” I introduced our brand-new EOX::Maps product as well as the ESA project ngEO.

Did you ever get upset on your search for satellite- or earth observation data like I always do? I really don’t want to provide tons of search parameters before eventually getting a first glimpse on the actual data. ngEO is the system to change this for ESA data, hopefully. Why not immediately show the available data on top of a map? The map and a timeslider support the search for suitable data best. For more details see my slides and watch the video.


Many thanks to the organizing team, you did an awesome job! Special thanks to the video team making it possible for remote audience to listen to the presentations. Less than two hours after my talk the recording was already available online, simply amazing.

FOSS4G 2013

Last month I was glad to go to the FOSS4G conference in Nottingham, a always truly awesome and inspiring but also exhausting event one should never miss.

From my two presentations one was recorded and a video is available from YouTube:

The title is “ESA User Services powered by Open Source” and slides are available from GitHub.

The second presentation “WCS & EO-WCS Status in Open Source” is available as ODP from ELOGeo.

Together we submitted two EOX maps to the “Opening up the Map challenge”:

A summary of all EOX contributions can be found at