EU-DEM View & Download Service Prototype

As announced via twitter the Digital Elevation Model over Europe from the DG ENTR Copernicus Reference Data Access project (EU-DEM) has been released by the European Commission. There are two websites providing the data for download whereupon I prefer the eurostat one over the EEA one.

The data is available for the 39 member and cooperating countries of EEA and comes in a spatial resolution of 1 arc second or about 30 meters. It based on the SRTM and ASTER GDEM datasets fused by a weighted averaging approach and in addition to the raw DEM a color shaded relief image has been created by EEA.

I made a quick prototype for a View and a Download Service by simply configuring the data in MapServer and the provided WMS and WCS services in the EOxClient. Please see below a screenshot of the prototype.

EU-DEM View Service

BTW the WMS and WCS services themselves are directly available at: